A classification of exercise which involves training the body for activities performed in daily life.


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A type of physical training that involves bursts of high intensity work. The high intensity work is alternated with periods of rest or low intense activity. Depending on the length of exercise and rest periods, it may be anaerobic or aerobic training.


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Going quickly from one exercise apparatus to another and doing a prescribed number of exercises or time on each apparatus, keeps pulse rate high and promotes overall fitness by generally working all muscle groups as well as heart and lungs.


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Cardio is a necessary evil. We should do it but lack the motivation. Here at FITNEXT we take cardio to a fun challenging level. Running on treadmills and paddling stationary bikes are boring! Our group fitness classes are tailored to beginner or advanced individuals looking to sculpt muscles and burn fat.



This boxing and martial arts based aerobic session is geared toward beginners and advanced participants.  The ultimate stress relief with punch and kick combinations performed on boxing heavy bags!  Sessions can be modified to suit low and high impact needs. Block, punch, kick, KICK BUTT! Come get in shape and attack fat with Cardio Combat.


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(Boot Camp) Sports drills, calisthenics, plyometrics, and strength/agility training jam packed into a mixture of high/low intensity movements. Performed outdoor or indoor, this boot-camp workout is sure to make you sweat and burn off calories.


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This is a very popular 90 minute walk around and through downtown Cincinnati. Come burn calories and challenge yourself by treading uphill, downhill, and all terrain while enjoying sites unseen! (Different walking paths dictate the intensity of workouts). There is never a dull moment during this urban exploration!


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When you don’t have much time, you gotta grind!” Participants will have 60 minutes to perform a circuit of 10 exercises as many times as possible to bass thumping beats. The circuit will consist of a series of plyometric exercises and calisthenics to burn calories and melt fat! The great thing about this workout is you can perform it at home! You can workout for 15, 20, 30 minutes or more, the goal is to hit it hard and as many times as possible.


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This class takes place on the mini trampoline. The workout consists of interval sprints, and plyometric movements geared toward burning calories. This definitely is not your leisure back yard rebounding past time. Come ready to sweat! Also, use this class as an alternative to running indoors vs using a treadmill.


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Perform exercises geared toward strengthening, toning and giving an overall shapely appearance to your core region. This class may be infused with cardio drills to shed fat around your midsection!


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This 2 hours fit fest is our most grueling workout format yet! It is designed to challenge you to fitness limits unimaginable! Consisting of indoor resistance training as well as outdoor cardiovascular, speed and agility training we utilize Cincinnati’s vast infrastructure to construct this workout. Expect the unexpected and remember mental toughness is the key to your survival! (Dates on each class will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Website).


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Come experience a functional training workout centered on suspension bands and resistance bands!  This workout can be tailored toward beginner and advanced workout participants.  Routines are performed to high energy motivating music guaranteed to make you forget about the intensity and enjoy the sweat!


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